Westport by the Sea Pet Policy

  • Please keep your dog(s) with you at all times
  • Dogs are never to be left alone in the condo
  • Dogs should be on a leash at all times while on property
  • Dogs must be house trained
  • Any solid waste outside must be cleaned up immediately
  • Dogs are not allowed in the Pool/Hottub area at any time
  • Barking dogs or otherwise causing a disturbance may incur an additional charge

By making a reservation and entering the vacation home you agree to all conditions outlined in the terms and conditions and this pet policy agreement.  You are responsible for any pet damage that occurs during your stay.  Pet accidents should be cleaned up immediately and management notified.  Due to owners and guest allergies, please do not take dogs into other vacation homes which do not allow dogs.  Dogs must be on a leash at all times within the complex.


Dogs should not be left alone in the vacation home or tied up on patios or decks.  Dogs are not allowed in the pool/hottub area at any time.   This is a family friendly property and dog owners should have control of their dog at all times and be familiar with how their dog behaves around strangers and children so it can be communicated to others.


Each dog must be registered ahead of time and a $30.00 pet fee is charged per stay.  This fee covers basic wear and tear only.  It does not cover extra cleaning due to pet staining or damage, or replacement/repair of any pet related damage.  Upon departure housekeeping will assess the condition of the unit and non reported pet stains or excessive stains will be cleaned at additional costs.  Please ensure that dogs are not allowed on the furniture or bedding, are not left alone in the condo, and are washed off at the wash stations when coming back from the beach.


The white towels and colored towels in the condo should not be used to wash or dry off dogs. Sand is very difficult to remove from the washer and dryer, please shake all towels and clothes outside the vacation home.


In an effort to preserve the fragile dune environment that surrounds the condominiums, we ask that you remain on existing dune paths and trails and always clean up after your dog.


There are designated dog areas throughout the property, specifically beside Building #13, and between #9 and #10 which have a dog station with plastic bags for your convenience.  The preferred dog walk area is located in the grass behind the clubhouse parking area near the east exit of the property.


Failure to comply with the conditions of this pet policy agreement may result in additional costs or eviction from the property without a refund.  Any fines assessed by the HOA for failure to comply with this pet policy will be billed against the guest of record for the reservation.  Please help us by being a responsible dog owner.