Vacation Rental vs. Hotel

Why choose a Vacation Rental over a hotel?

If you've never rented a vacation rental in the past, it may seem intimidating, but renting someone's private home for your beach vacation is becoming a very popular choice, particularly for families with children, pets, or groups vacationing together. There are many reasons to choose vacation rental lodging over a hotel or motel, but here are our top five. Once you have experienced this type of vacationing, we are confident that you will agree staying in a real home beats a cramped hotel room any day! 

Reason #1: Stretch Out and Relax!

If you are vacationing with family, staying in a hotel often mean sleeping in the same room or sharing a bathroom, which can be crowded and uncomfortable.  Hotel and motel rooms typically are 150 - 300 square feet of space.  Compare this to the 900 - 1250 square feet of space in our vacation homes and the math does not lie, you'll have alot more room to stretch out and relax with us.  If traveling with family, you may need more than one room, which can make getting together for socializing and meals more difficult during your stay.  Vacations by the Sea condos can sleep up to six people in our two bedroom units and offer plenty of seating and dining space just like your own house in which you can stretch out and enjoy, but not too big to lose the closeness which is one of the reasons for your vacation.


Reason #2: Bring your Dog!

Most hotels or motels won't allow pets but your canine companion is always welcome in one of Vacations by the Sea's pet friendly vacation condos. Whether in an oceanfront unit or close to the dog walk area, we have something for everyone. See our condo page to search for homes that accept the fury members of your family.

Reason #3: Enjoy Cooking your Own Fresh Seafood!

Do you enjoy eating out while vacationing but wish you could cook some of your own meals? In hotel rooms, there usually is no cooking option or only a small, cramped kitchenette that always seems to be missing the pots or pans you need most. Staying in a Vacations by the Sea condo you have the flexibility of cooking your own meals if you choose, such as fresh seafood from the dock, but also enjoying fine dining nearby. All of our condos are fully equipped with the utensils, pots, and pans to make your cooking and dining happen with ease.

Reason #4: Enjoy some Peace and Quiet on Your Vacation

Are there times that you would rather just stay behind and relax than participate in a group outing?  In a hotel, staying in your room might not be very appealing. In a Vacations by the Sea Condo, you have a variety of places to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet. Our condos are just like your home with comfortable furniture, beds, chairs, and tables.  Many condos include an electric fireplace giving the living room a nice cozy feel. All our vacation condos have a private patio or deck to lounge on and enjoy the sun, salt air, and ocean views.

Reason #5: A Jacuzzi Tub For Yourself!

Many of Vacations by the Sea's units are equipped with their own Jetted Jacuzzi Tub.  Travel with the group but enjoy your own private soak without feeling crowded. A large Hottub is also located at the clubhouse if you want to make a relaxing soak a group affair. The outdoor hottub is a great spot to soak with friends or make new ones.

We hope your stay with Vacations by the Sea will be fantastic! See you at the Beach!