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Our 10 Favorite Things to Do in Westport

(1) Climb Washington‘s Tallest Lighthouse

Located just a 5 minute walk from Vacations by the Sea, on Ocean Avenue, this gem of an attraction is not to be missed. The lighthouse (officially named "Grays Harbor Light Station") was constructed in 1898, when the surf actually broke that far inland. It‘s 135 quick steps to the top, and beautiful views await you. Your $4 entry fee goes to the Westport/South Beach Historical Society, a not-for-profit organization that is tasked with maintaining this historical structure. They also run the Maritime Museum, which is a great bet, although not on our top ten list!

(2) Take a walk on the beach

This may seem like a no brainer, but its a must. We have 18 miles of sandy beaches, plus the sandy shore at Half Moon Bay. There is so much to see along that coast, from seabirds to migrating whales to surfers. And don‘t miss the flotsam that comes ashore, especially after a storm. Put your toes in the water or get a workout in the softer sand. Whatever your style, a walk on the beach is a pleasure.

(3) GO FISH!

Whether you are taking a fishing charter or dropping a crab pot, the Westport waters and shorelines are filled with delicious treats. From September through May, try your hand at razor clam digging. From April through August, you can catch a fishing charter and get hands on fishing instruction from some of the most experienced skippers in the world. Come September, you can catch salmon right off the Marina docks!

(4) Have a glass of wine... or two... Maybe a nice cold Microbrew is your style....

The Westport Winery Garden Resort is Washington‘s favorite coastal winery.  They are also home to a Restaurant & Bakery, Gift Shop, and are building a Garden Resort which they hope will someday compare to the famous Buchart Gardens.. They are also quite possibly the friendliest winemakers we have ever met. Whether you go for a Sunday Yappy Hour with your pup or just stop in for a wine, cheese and chocolate tasting, you‘ll be sure to enjoy the pleasant company and tasty wines. All Vacations by the Sea guests receive a pass for a complimentary tasting when you check in, so there‘s really no reason to pass this up! 

Westport is also home to the Cranberry Road Winery & Bog Water Brewery on your way into town.  They offer up tastings & also serve wood fired pizza in a great outdoor setting.  The newest brewery to hit the beach scene is Blackbeard Brewing Company, which just opened its doors this past Memorial Day 2015.  Blackbeard Brewing Company is walking distance (about 10 minutes) from the condos, and has wood fired pizza and great strawberry ale.  All of these options are family friendly & both Bog Water & Blackbeard brew their own rootbeer.  

(5) Enjoy waterfront dining!

You won't find any chain restaurants here in Westport!  Most dining establishment are small, family run works of art.  Whether you choose BBQ specialities at Aloha Alabama BBQ (try their Bacon Bloody Mary and famous 18-hr applewood smoked Beef Brisket or the Blue Buoy for their amazing local Dungeness Crab Omelette, you're sure to find something on the Marina to satisfy the family.  Each of the wineries and breweries listed above have amazing small kitchens as well!

(6) Catch a wave

Westport is the Pacific Northwest‘s favorite surf spot. What? Surf? Isn‘t it cold? No worries, there are two surf shops in town that offer friendly service and wetsuit rentals for every body type. Lessons are available as well, and you don‘t need to be an athelete to have fun the first time in the water.  Surfing is popular with people of all ages and fitness levels. Give it a shot!

(7) Go Whale Watching!

Every spring and fall the majestic Gray Whale‘s pass along the Washington coast and offer a great opportunity for Whale Watching on their migration to the reach feeding grounds in the frigid Bering Sea. The beaches of Westport are an ideal place to sit and watch the whales! Whale watching tours are offered by a select number of fishing charter operators so ask the front desk staff at Vacations by the Sea for more information.

(8) Go Fly a Kite!

Everyone has flown a kite sometime in their past and our beaches offer the perfect breeze to get those kites aloft.  Whether it is a $5 Walmart special you pick up on the way here, or a high performance stunt kite, you'll have a blast getting out on the beach and letting it soar!  Don't miss the Windrider Kite Festival held in Grayland every July.

(9) Ride a Bike

Bring your bike to the beach and have fun.  Westport is a town perfect for exploring by bicycle. The slow speed limits, bike lanes, and paved riding trails are ideal for experiencing the sights and sounds of the beach while in the saddle.

10) Go Cart Racing at the Breakers!

This one is a total indulgence but most kids and adults love racing around in Go Carts and the Breakers Boutique Inn across from the Airport offers a small track and head to head competition for families to compete.  Smaller kids are allowed to ride with parents so everyone can feel part of the action.